100% REAL FOOD NO Preservatives, Artificial Ingredients or Fillers All Natural Human Grade Ingredients only from the U.S.A.

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Dog Food Education Center

Homemade Doggy Dinners is passionate about dogs and their
health. We have complied information here to help educate and
spread the word about the
benefits of homemade dog food

“In general, the more real food your dogs and cats eat,
the healthier they will be.”

-Dr. Marty Goldstein, D.V.M.

The Nature of Animal Healing

Here is a Real Case Study by Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M. Showing some of the miracles of Homemade Dog Food.

“Sonny, An 8 year old male Chow Chow, had a devastating immune-system disease called Pemphigus folliaceous, which causes severe skin lesions on the face and paws, the main treatment for the disease is a long-term course of corticosteroid Prednisone, Sonny developed severe side effects from the drug, including liver & joint damage. As a result, Dr. Grant felt compelled to end Sonny’s dependence on prednisone and the other medications he was receiving. Dr. Grant consulted with a holistic veterinarian, who recommended a natural home-prepared diet and herbal supplements. The results were amazing! Within weeks of beginning his new diet, Sonny had fewer skin lesions, and his coat became fuller and shinier, His quality of life improved dramatically: he was more alert, wanted to go on walks again and was more energetic throughout the day.”

-Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M.
Better Food for Dogs, page 22.

homemade dog food is what your dog needs to live a long, happy, thriving life.


We have many case studies of our own on our testimonials page about the benefits our clients have seen when switching their dogs over to Homemade Doggy Dinners.

100% Real Food
 No Preservatives,
Artificial Ingredients
or Fillers.

All Natural Human Quality Ingredients only from the U.S.A.

Everyone should be eating this good! Our food is made fresh by people who truly love
 dogs. All of our products are tested and tested, so you can be assured your dog will always get the best,
safest food possible.


Here is one of our frequently asked questions regarding our Homemade Doggy Dinners.

Q. How do I switch my dog over to Doggy Dinners?

A. When switching to Homemade Doggy Dinners, we suggest you slowly introduce Doggy Dinners into your dogs’ current food, over 7-8 days. Most dogs have sensitive stomachs and must adjust to a change in his/her diet.

In the book Better Food for Dogs, about switching your dog to 100% real food. David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M. state…

“Since most dogs, especially those feed kibble exclusively, have not been exposed to many foods, their digestive systems need time to adjust to new diets…with the switch from kibble to a home-prepared diet, there is a dramatic change the texture and digestibility of the food. The gut takes a few days to adapt to these changes, and your dog may have a temporary bout of diarrhea. To ensure a smooth transition to a home-prepared diet, introduce new food over a 8 day period.”

All Dogs Need & Deserve REAL FOOD.

ORDER Homemade Doggy Dinners NOW!

For more FAQ click here.

For more Testimonials click here.

These ingredients may be toxic to dogs:

Grapes & Raisins
Tomato & Tomato Foliage
Garlic (in High Quantities)
Garlic Powder
Macadamia Nuts

Good books about Healthier Dog Food:

The Nature of Animal Healing, by Dr. Marty Goldstein, D.V.M.

Food Pets Die For, by Ann Martin

Home-Prepared Dog & Cate Diets: The Healthful Alternative, by Dr. Donald Strombeck, D.V.M.

Dog Food Secrets, by Andrew Lewis

Better Food for Dogs, by David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton, Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M.

Bark Magazine

For more Articles & Links about Dog Food Education and Healthy Dog Food click here.

Homemade Doggy Dinners, Inc. Copyright 2008

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This web site is designed to provide information for Pet Owners.   If professional advice or expert assistance is required, the services of a professional person should be sought.  Each individual reader is solely responsible for any decisions made or actions taken that may be motivated by the material in here.  Also, any slights against individuals, companies or organizations are unintentional. 
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