100% REAL FOOD NO Preservatives, Artificial Ingredients or Fillers All Natural Human Grade Ingredients only from the U.S.A.

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Customer Testimonials

"Our Dog was diagnosed with Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia (abnormal liver function), she started eating Homemade Doggy Dinners, and within months the veterinarian was astonished to see that her tests showed normal liver function, Thank You!"  Linda (CA)



"Pippit has been eating your Homemade Doggy Dinners for some time now and absolutely loves it! I had tried so many other dog foods, even cooked my own (which was expensive, time consuming and difficult to keep fresh) and still he didn't eat or ate very little. Then I found your company at the PetExpo in Costa Mesa. Thank goodness! Pippit's been eating and enjoying your food ever since. Thanks again!!"  Laura & John (CA)


Pippit of Costa Mesa, CA

 "I purchased my first order and must tell you that my yorkie just loves, loves, loves his food!  I adopted him about 2 years ago and it is the first time he has ever eaten anything in the morning and he gobbles it up and every last drop -- he even looks for more. I'm looking forward to placing more orders and also trying your other products!" Doreen (CA)


"Thank you so much Homemade Doggy Dinners for helping me and my itchy skin!  I used to eat brand name foods and they made me get hot spots all over my body.  As a poodle mix, I can have bad skin problems, and since I have been eating your dinners EVERYDAY for the last 2 years, I haven't had a hot spot since! And when I'm a good girl and my parents give me your Chicken Jerky Treats, I can't help but jump and spin everywhere with excitement!  I really won't eat anything else now that I have eaten your food- it's the yummiest and healthiest around!  Again, thank you so much for making me a happy and HEALTHY puppy." From: Kiki  (CA)


Kiki with her favorite food!



"My dog Sampson is obsessed with the Chicken Jerky Treats! Sampson loves the meatballs (Doggy Dinners)!  When I am heating one up for him he starts dancing around in circles and doing the Sammy Samba. He devours the whole bowl without even stopping for a breath of air!! " Carrie (CA)

Sampson Enjoying his Chicken Jerky Treats!


"My 10 year old Bichon went to the vet for a bee sting, while giving her tests, the vet noticed that she was as healthy as a 6 year old and asked me what I was doing.I told her I exercise Dakota every day and also feed her Homemade Doggy Dinners" Jacqueline (CA)




"I have two very picky chihuahuas....they think they are human and they HATE dog food.  They only want people food, so when the girls came up with this product, I went for it.  I have purchased just about everything they have and my dogs LOVE it!  From the frozen dinners, the peanut butter puffs, the Mutt-zarella sticks, the puppy love cookies, the chicken jerky and of course, last but not least, their own personal doggy cakes made in the shape of bones!
These two chihuahuas are half brother and sister and basically tolerate each other at best.  So, in order to get them to love each other, I taught them to kiss each other for a treat.  Well, they will do just about anything for a peanut butter puff!  If you don't believe it, watch this video I shot. Click Here You'll get a kick out of it.  Especially watch their ears when I say, "do you want a peanut butter puff?"  It's hilarious! Trish (CA)


"Luna Has gone through a lot of bad times being a breeder dog for all her life, until we came along and found out that she was in a rescue facility. We took her in. She knew nothing of what a puppy would go through, like playing ball. rolling around like puppies do. She's now 14 years old we've had her for 7 years and shes just getting over her frieght of not being caged all of the time. We let her do what she wants. She uses the doggie door and lays in the sun most of the day, and rubs her face along the flowers like something new to her. Her tongue hangs out because her breeder let her teeth go, and had to be pulled. This is where your Peanut Butter Puffs come in. She looks forward every morning to those treats. I dont know what else to say but, Thank You, Ken, Terry. Luna, April, Honey and Riley. These are all rescue dogs except for Honey. Ken and Terry (AZ)


Luna with her Peanut Butter Puffs!

"Since my boxer, Lucy started eating Homemade Doggy Dinners, I have noticed a disaperance in her morning eye gunk" Denise (CA)



"Our lab mix 'Luna' is delighted with the treats (Peanut Butter Puffs) and we are having to limit them to one a day.  She gets sooo excited when we open the jar!  Thank you, they smell so good, the kids want to eat them. Thanks for a great product." Raili (WA)




Addie from Glendora (CA)

A recent conversation between Gracie and Skeeter, Translated by a customer's 5 year old Daughter.

Gracie: "Hey Skeeter, you ready to go outside and play?"

Skeeter: "No way! after that delicious meal from Homemade Doggy Dinners, it's like Thanksgiving everyday; I need a nap."

Gracie: Yeah I hear you. Just give me a woof when you're ready!"

Skeeter: "Nap well my friend."

Gracie: "I'll be dreaming of our next scrumptious meal."

Rave reviews for Homemade Doggy Dinners!   Craig (CA)


"My maltipoo had bad skin irritations and hot spots. Your food has drastically improved her skin, and her coat is so shiny." Allison(CA)


"Thank you Homemade Doggy Dinners your Sweet Paw-Tato chips are great for my dog, who has severe allergies.  I used to feel guilty not giving her treats, now I have found something that she loves and I know is good for her" Julie (CA)

"The Homemade Doggy Dinners and Puppy Love Cookies are Sarah's favorite. She really enjoys the Puppy Love Cookies with the yummy yogurt dipped coating. When we got Sarah from the shelter she was just about the most sensitive and stressed dog that I had ever come across. We as a family tried everything we could to make her feel comfortable and safe in our home. Her nutrition was very important to us since it was evident that she had been abused. Animals just like people take comfort in the food that they eat and we realized that if we put some store bought brand food in a bowl no matter what it advertised and how healthy you may think the advertisers are telling you that it is they are completely wrong.  Recently during that horrific scare that most of us had with the tainted dog and cat food we all realized how susceptible our precious little ones were. After all, we are talking about "pet food". Do we really ever think about where it is coming from? If you think you are purchasing healthy, safe and palatable food for your angels, think again.  Most of that food is not made in the United States and our laws are not as strict as they should be, therefore, I cannot imagine that food coming from China or any other place else would have been given the attention to detail because of the associated costs to make these products. I was so happy that I had Homemade Doggy Dinners for Sarah during that crisis with the dog food.
Thank you so much and Sarah thanks you everyday. Her bowl is empty and her cookies are gone. Just the way it should be!" Katherine & Sarah (Ms. Love Bunny) (CA)


 "My Dogs love your food and I feel better that they are getting good food, thank you so much for starting this company."
Jaqueline G. (CA)

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